Why Choose WordPress

There are so many options when it comes to building websites these days so why choose WordPress? Let's take a look!

Over the past 10 years of building websites for myself and clients I have tested a lot of different options. However, I always return to WordPress. When I first started out I must admit I was so frustrated at times that I wanted to throw my laptop out of the window it was so challenging. There was no help available when I began online. However, with practice I did get better and over time WordPress became a lot easier to use.

I get asked about why I choose WordPress and in honesty I like having the ability to control my own website. By understanding how to use it I don't have to wait for someone else to make any changes – costing me time and money. I am also not limited by free templated sites or locked into a monthly recurring payment.

Freedom online is one of the reasons we become online entrepreneurs. Your website is key to your presence online. It is your real estate and not owned by a third party that you have no control over. Don't hand over control of your website to another company but learn how to create and maintain it yourself, even if you use a freelancer to do it for you.

30% of All Websites are Built with WordPress for a Reason!

WordPress comes with everything you need. In fact, it is the most popular content management system around. If you are ready to give it a go I am here to help you. Unfortunately MOST people who try to create a WordPress site give up. ​9 out of 10 WordPress sites never get completed! I don't want you as part of that statistic.If you've failed to create a WordPress site of your own or you're thinking of doing so, pay close attention to the following…

With ‘Build a Website with WordPress‘ you’ll discover the fastest & easy way to learn and master WordPress! These shortcut strategies take you by the hand and lead you through the WordPress creation process step-by-simple-step. Just follow along — and you’ll be up and running in no time The time to make your web presence known is now! And this package will help you get started fast.

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