When Push Comes to Shove

The British are notorious for making decisions slowly and often after many, many meetings to discuss it. However, when crisis comes, and we are ‘pushed against the wall’ things happen and happen quickly.

This is  the second time in my life I have personally seen what happens when disaster strikes and people reach out to help others. Neighbours who are normally strangers and who haven’t spoken with eachother suddenly become helpers and truly care about people around them.

February 1994 I was living in Reseda, California and was awoken by the sound of shattering glass, screaming and loud noises. I reached for the floor and felt the concrete rippling. I honestly thought that World War Three had broken out. Then my geography training took over and I guessed that it was a large earthquake that was ripping through this part of the world.

I dived for cover under a table and waited for the earth to stop moving. As soon as I sensed there was a lull in the movement I raced to the room where my child had been asleep. Masonry had hit the crib but for once I was pleased that Joe had fallen asleep on the bed with our baby and they were safe.

Climbing out of the rubble of what remained of the house the three of us stood outside with our neighbours and prayed that it was all over. Some women gathered blankets and wrapped them around us all. Many of the men were climbing bits of timber to reach neighbours who were stuck in their homes. Regardless of their safety they continued to pull out those who had not been able to escape by themselves.

That memory has never left me. Once disaster strikes it is not ‘everyone for themselves' but many, many people will reach out and help others. Covid 19 has brought out the same spirit in people. Here in a rural area of South Somerset, UK where I live now small bands of people have gathered together (being mindful of social distancing) to help the vulnerable and the old.

What does this have to do with online business?

It is alright to be yourself online. I give you permission to be yourself. Share stories of what has happened in your life. People, including your customers are looking for credibility and people they can get to know, like and trust. Don't be afraid. Share with others the ‘real' you.

I’m Online business strategist, trainer and mentor Anne Elizabeth Perez and would love to connect with you. If you’re ready to share your story with the world discover how to start with your own WordPress website

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