hello I'm Anne Elizabeth Perez

Thank you for making the decision to have me set up your first – or next – WordPress site

The site I will be setting up for you will have all of the plugins I currently use, as well as an appropriate theme. As I am not a professional graphic designer only a basic header will be included in this package.

This is what I need from you:

You may choose EITHER or these methods to be eligible for your WordPress site setup:

1) Create a hosting account at https://anneelizabethperez.com/A2hosting.  This is my affiliate link for the hosting company I use and believe in, A2 Hosting. I believe they offer the best hosting solution for those of us setting up websites to promote our products and services. I will receive a commission from them when you sign up, and that is how I am paid for the work I will be doing for you. The cost of this hosting is way less than a hundred dollars for a full year. You may have up to 100 sites on this one hosting account. Be sure to choose “Shared Hosting”, and then the Swift plan, for the best pricing and options through me.

2) If you already have hosting, you may send me $75 via PayPal to anne @ anneperez.com.

Please note: I am only able to set up your new site if you are hosted at a company that offers cPanel hosting. I prefer A2 Hosting because it is reliable and simple to learn and use, especially if you’re not very “technically inclined”.

Once you have done one of these two things:

1) Email me at the above address and let me know you have signed up

2) Let me know the domain name you will be using. I recommend GoDaddy for domains.

3) Change the DNS (domain name server) to point toward your hosting account. If you are not sure how to do this I will help you through the process.

4) Provide me with the username and password for your hosting account. This can be found within the first or second email you receive after signing up for your account.

I will have your complete site ready to go within 48-72 hours. Yes, I work on the weekends, so your new WordPress site will be up very quickly.


Thank you for this opportunity to serve you and help you promote your business online. 

Anne Elizabeth Perez

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