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Three Ways to Build Awareness On Social Media

Social Media channels according to Gary Vaynerchuk are like a TV show. Some shows last one series or completely flop, others like NCIS can go on for years. The best thing you can do is build awareness on social media so even if that particular channel disappears you have built up a following that may go with you to another channel. How do you build awareness though? Let's take a look at three key ways.

Be Yourself

Jeff Prewitt says it well “Not everyone is going to like you, and that's OK. But to have good relationships with others you have to be yourself. They want to truly interact with you and see the type of person that you are.”

It doesn't matter what people think of you. There will never be a time when everybody likes you however ‘nice' you are. Someone once said to me “some will, some won't, get over it.” It can be tough if you have a more sensitive personality, like me, but it's true. Do we truly need everyone to ‘like'us?

When it comes to doing business you won't be selling to everyone but to a particular person that wants what you are offering.

Tell true stories. Tell your story everywhere. Build a real relationship with people. Building awareness on social media is a marathon not a sprint. It takes time and the best way to remain consistent in your message over time is to be yourself. There is no shortcut to building a brand.

Provide Value

It is harder and more expensive to find new customers then to retain the ones you already have. According to Deborah Watson-Novacek “you need to repeatedly provide value to them until they come to know, like and trust you, and are willing to engage with you! ”

Here are a few ways you can provide value to your customers on social media.

  • Show what’s behind the scenes.
  • Create case studies
  • Show your customers using your product or service
  • Show people how it’s done
  • Be inspirational
  • Share a book
  • Ask questions
  • Let your loyal customers speak
  • put the spotlight on a long-time employee
  • Share industry news
  • Share company news
  • Highlight something from your FAQs
  • Post lists
  • Make suggestions
  • Solve problems for your customers
  • Invite Social Media VIPs to special events
  • Share Your Experience
  • Share Tips

Create Content on Scale

The VARK model identifies four primary types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.  Each learning type responds best to a different method of teaching.  You can use the same model for creating content for your audience. Try to create different types of content to appeal to the various types of learner and then create, create, create.

VisualPrefer to see information such as charts, images and other graphics
AuditoryPrefer to hear information rather than reading it or seeing it displayed visually
Reading/WritingPrefer to read text than hear or see images
KinestheticPrefer to learn by doing

According to Inc around 65% of the population are visual learners. This would suggest that a lot of the content you produce should be visual. Perhaps explaining the popularity of Social Media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and more recently Tik Tok.

Jeff Bullas writes about 10 different types of visual content. ” Visual content has proven to be among the most efficient and effective ways to communicate a message. It is in fact, your best chance to go viral if you want to gain the attention of an audience at scale. “

  • Infographics
  • Images and Photos
  • Videos
  • Call to actions
  • Quote Cards
  • Graphical data
  • Screenshots
  • Tutorials and question-answer visuals
  • Quizzes and visual puzzles
  • Memes and comics

“Auditory learners will soak up the information they hear and remember up to 75 percent of it. ” By providing them with audios, such as SoundCloud recordings and podcasts you are providing valuable content.

To attract readers who prefer to read text than hear or see images a blog provides suitable content. In addition valuable content for this group includes reports, white papers and a transcript alongside a video.

YouTube videos and case studies are believed to be the best type of content for Kinesthetic learners.

As you can see there are lots of different types of content that you can create that appeals to the various types of learner. The next step is to discover which type of content is best suited to each different social media channel and post to them accordingly.

In summary there are three key ways to build awareness on social media: Be yourself, provide value and create content on scale. Are you ready to get started?

I’m Online business strategist, trainer and mentor Anne Elizabeth Perez and would love to connect with you. If you’re ready to share your story with the world discover how to start with your own WordPress website

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