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The importance of consistency in marketing

β€œIt's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently.”

― Anthony Robbins

Consistency as defined by the Cambridge English dictionary is “the state or condition of always happening or behaving in the same way”. People successful in business rely on consistency. Why does consistency matter in marketing? We take a look at this question and at three key areas where consistency in marketing produces the best results.

Connie Ragen Green, a successful digital marketer since 2006, describes consistency as “a key element in business success”. Connie states that consistency will

  • enable you to build a trusting relationship with people and build your tribe
  • showcase your expertise to new followers.

I have known Connie for a number of years and I have great admiration for her ability to be consistent despite what happens around her. It is one of her keys to success. Sending out clear consistent messages to her tribe and potential clients not for weeks or months, but years.

If you went to a coffee shop such as Starbucks for a coffee you would expect it to be the same each time you went. Inconsistency in how the coffee was prepared would lead to doubt in the customer's mind. They may look for an alternative coffee house where they could be sure of getting what they ordered each and every time.

Working your business consistently and focusing on excellent customer service will help keep your clients happy and trusting in you”

Connie Ragen Green

In marketing there are three areas where consistency produces the best results.

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Social Media
  3. Content Creation

Let's take a look at each of these in turn

  1. Email Marketing

As a marketer you want to build relationships with clients and potential clients. Email marketing is a key way to do this. You want to continue the conversation with them once they leave your website. At the beginning of your journey in marketing you may feel that you have nothing to say and composing emails is too difficult. However, how would you feel if you took the effort to pass on your details, signed up for emails and never knew when they were going to arrive in your inbox? You may get a few at the beginning, then nothing, then a month or two later receive another email to purchase a product. Would you even remember that company or why you even signed up for emails in the first place?

Put yourself in the place of your email subscriber. Find something valuable to say and consistently send out emails to them. Once or twice a week, every week is far better than a hit and miss email campaign. You can use autoresponders such as aweber to automate your emails. Then use the broadcast function to email your list in real time.

2. Social Media

As with email marketing consistency is key to your efforts to attract people to follow you and listen to what you have to say. It is far better to tweet once a day then to tweet 10 times a day for a week then get busy and skip a few weeks. Create a routine your audience can follow. Stop posting on your social media profiles and your visitors will think that you are out of business.

Create a consistent brand image across all your social media platforms including your headshot, bio, voice, colours and other information so that your audience recognises you.

Schedule time to post daily. You can use tools such as social jukebox, buffer and hootsuite to automate your social media posts. However, automate evergreen information such as articles, blog posts and quotes. Go into your social media channels regularly yourself to, as Madalyn Sklar of #Twittersmarter says “engage, engage, engage”.

3. Content Creation

Do you have a blog or a podcast? Your audience want to hear from you. They also want know when your next podcast or post will be coming out. If they like what you do don't disappoint them by failing to produce the content they are seeking, on a consistent basis. It is hard enough to build an audience these days so don't lose the followers you have by being inconsistent. If you plan to write a blog post, create a video or a podcast every week then stick to the schedule. Build up people's trust: it's not easy to win back.

Being consistent in marketing will over time reap rewards. People will get to know like and trust you, key to success in business these days. Be seen as the expert in your field,even if you have only just come online with your knowledge and experience, by being consistent in your marketing efforts. Schedule your work and then just do it.

If you are new to email marketing Connie has a great course. Find out more about it at https://anneelizabethperez.com/emailmarketing

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