Say Goodbye to Clutter in your Office

Does your desk look like an explosion occurred? Full of everything but the kitchen sink (an expression we use here in the UK to indicate mess, mess, and more mess). If so then you have an issue with clutter. What does it matter you might say if your work space is messy. My answer: how productive are you really when your environment around you is chaos? (more…)

8 Tips to Help You Get Organized

anne elizabeth perez tips to help you get organized

In order to be successful and consistent in getting your word out it is important to be organized. Here are 8 tips to help you get organized. 

 Write it down. With everything  you have to remember on any given day it is difficult to remember it all, especially as you get older? The best thing to do is write it down. When i'm out and about I will write things done on my note app on my mobile phone but I still love to use pen and paper when possible. 


Do I really need a Marketing Strategy?

There are so many choices when it comes to spreading your message these days: social media (Facebook, twitter, linked in, you tube and more), traditional advertising (radio, TV, yellow pages, direct mail, newspapers and so on), websites, blogs, tribe syndication, Local directories, forum marketing, podcasting, SEO to name just a few. With the plethora of choices out there what are you, the small business or home business owner to do? How can you attract more customers to your business both efficiently and profitably? I hate to say this, but, you need a marketing strategy. (more…)

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms on the Internet. However, because of the sheer number of WordPress members along with its ease of use WordPress is sometimes a target for hackers. Let's look at some ways to keep your WordPress site secure 

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure: Choose a Strong Password

 A strong password is a must for any account you have, including WordPress. Unfortunately, some people choose simple passwords or a general password they use for all of their accounts. It’s really important to create an original password that’s mixed with a variation of letters, symbols, and numbers. Hackers use password crack tools, and if you have a common password, it makes it easy for hackers to attack and compromise your website. WordPress can generate random 12 digit passwords for you which are harder to hack. These are useful. Just remember to write the password down. If you don't use a publicly accessed computer you can also tick the box ‘remember me' on the log in screen. 

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure: Back Up your WordPress Website

Have you ever written a report or something else in a computer document and forgotten to save it? Very frustrating when its lost. Likewise with  your WordPress website. You should  back up everything on your WordPress website regularly so you don't lose all your hard work. Although your website hosting company may help, it’s recommended to find a powerful backup plugin.

For example, Updraft Plus is a free tool provided by WordPress that backs up all of your data into your chosen destination, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SFTP, FTP, and much more.

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure: Choose a Strong Web hosting Company

Choose a Strong Web hosting Company: There are a number of web hosting companies available, and it can be difficult to know which one to use. For that reason it’s important to do your research before deciding on a web hosting company as there are many companies that don’t utilize web security tools. Make sure you choose a web hosting company that not only offers security tools, but also monitors your website for threats.

I personally use two hosting companies: TSO Host and A2 Hosting

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure: Delete Plugins your don't use

Plugins add extra functionality to a website but can be a route for hackers into your website if not deleted when not in use or regularly updated. If you choose to deactivate a plugin its best practice to delete it completely.  If you don’t delete it as well you are leaving codes on your server. This is an open invitation for hackers to exploit your website. Always press the “Delete” key after you’ve deactivated unused plugins.

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure: Use a Secure Server Only

When you login to your WordPress account, make sure you are using a secured, wired Internet connection. If you a use a wireless Internet connection be certain that it has secure encoding and data encryption. Accessing your account from public places that offer free Wi-Fi makes your website vulnerable to hackers.