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Making up a new domain name

It is becoming more and more difficult to find a compelling domain name because so many have been registered now (more than 330 million). However you can still create a great domain name for your new website by spending a little time, doing some research and using some free tools that are available today. Let's look at the process of choosing a suitable domain name in more detail.

  1. Keep it short and simple so its easy for a potential customer to type into the address bar. You can have up to 63 characters in your domain but the longer the name the more errors can be made and you are trying to encourage people to visit your website not give up and leave.
  2. Make it memorable, unique, pronounceable and easy to remember Do you remember eBay, Amazon, Zappos? All unique and easy to find online because they are so memorable.
  3. Try to avoid using acronyms, dashes or other symbols. They are harder to remember and you want potential customers to find your website as easily as possible. If you're thinking about using hyphens think again! It is too easy for people to forget where the hyphens go. A hyphenated domain name might seem like a good substitute but you might lose customers to a competitor ( the one who owns the domain name without hyphens!)
  4. Be very careful not to register domain names that include trademarked names. Even including another company's name within your domain name could be conceived as misrepresentation. Facebook, for example frown upon their name being used in any other domain name than their own.
  5. Your domain name should be your website name. Don't confuse your visitor by making them different!
  6. Where do your customers live and work? Would a .co.uk be more suitable to your customers than a dotcom? If you don't have a global market and solely have UK clients then it might be worth considering having a .co.uk If you are a local business and you serve a local area including the location in the domain might be useful in improving your position in the search results online. For example: dogkennelsyeovil.com
  7. What is your marketing budget? Do you have the funds available to acquire a domain from someone who has bought it previously? Premium domain names can be very expensive. Check the ‘who is' information for the domain you want and contact that person listed to see if they are willing to sell it.
  8. Think SEO. What keywords do you want to be known for? Can you include them in the domain name?
  9. Be wary of using numbers as substitutions try not to use 2 instead of to or 4 instead of for. Again it might seem like a good idea but how many of your customers or potential customers will remember when typing in your website address
  10. Here are some resources online to help you find your domain name
    1. https://www.namemesh.com/ It uses more than 20 generators to suggest names for you to use
    2. https://domainsbot.com/
    3. https://leandomainsearch.com/
    4. https://flamedomain.com/
    5. http://www.panabee.com/

Spend a little time considering your domain name since this will be your identity online. However, once chosen quick action is key. Do you want someone else taking the name instead of you?

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