Make Your Brand Attractive

“ The rule of my life is make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business.”
-Aaron Burr

In fact, when you understand what branding is all about it‘s possible to think that branding was developed from the Law of Attraction!
What‘s branding? Think Disney! Think FedEx! Think !
A brand is an image and that image helps to differentiate your business or even you personally in the marketplace. You can have a positive or a negative image. What‘s a negative brand? Well think Wall Street in the middle of the recession or Lehman Brothers. A poor brand image is one that crates a negative reaction when people think about a business or business activity.
You might be thinking that you are just one lone marketer trying to make a living. But even a sole proprietor or home based entrepreneur wants to create a strong positive brand to attract positive responses.
Brands evoke emotional responses and mental images. They make people feel something about what‘s behind the brand. People trust a brand they become familiar with

What‘s behind a strong positive brand?
 Excellent customer service
 Quality products or services
 Skills that make you unique among a crowd of retailers or service providers
 Experiences that make it possible to relate to customers on their level
 Honesty and truthfulness
 Name repetition and exposure

There are multiple tools you can use to brand yourself even when a one-person business.
 Use words that reflect your passion for what you sell or do
 Include personal information relative to your business in your marketing material such as your passion for good health or technology; an explanation of your special skills and expertise; or a description of why customer service is so important to you
 Be authentic and don‘t try to be Billy Mays when you are really low key like Bill Gates of Microsoft fame; people are attracted to those who are comfortable in their own skin
 Elaborate on how your particular talents, skills and creativity can bring value to a customer‘s life
 Maintain brand consistency whether you are printing flyers, posting a blog or developing a website

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