‘Getting Your Word Out’ using offline tactics is often overlooked by professionals and people with brick and mortar shops. Everyone gets so excited about getting the word out  using online tactics that they forget offline methods are very effective too. Let's look at one example of an offline tactic. In Person Events.

Over the next few blog posts we will be looking at different offline methods that can prove to be very effective at ‘Getting Your Word Out’.

There is almost nothing more effective when ‘Getting Your Word Out’ offline than participating in in-person events. People like to connect on a more personal level than just online. Even if you do webinars, there is something special about getting to shake hands, hug, and look into someone’s eyes. All of these in-person, visual, and physical elements super-charge the trust-building process and shift it into overdrive.

Attend Networking Events

Find out where your audience is going to events. A good way to discover this is to find out where the gurus, movers and shakers, and your competition is speaking, attending, and sponsoring. Go to those events. Go with a plan. Bring sign up forms with you, give people a nice little gift such as a bookmark or pen with a website link, or a memory stick with a document that leads to your sign up and your gift.

Speak at Events

Don’t just go to events. Once you make a name for yourself, you can start speaking at events. When you go to events get to know the people who have planned it. You can also reach out in advance and volunteer to help them at the event to get to know them. Then make sure everyone knows that you’re interested in public speaking. Write a book and start handing that out. It can be the basis for your speaking topic too.

Host Workshops

A fun and effective way to ‘Get Your Word Out’ offline is to host small local workshops (and you can even travel to do it too). Keep them small, no more than 20 at a time. Via event advertising people can still sign up for your email list, even if you can’t attend. Plus, if you prefer to have an audience of more than 20, you can host a series of events or multiple sessions in the future. Keeping the session seat limits small helps you to give attendees a more personal experience.

Trade Show Stand

Create materials that you can present through a trade booth. Set up a touch screen so people can join your email list at the stand. Create some materials that people can take home with them. Make it easy for them to receive your information. If it’s allowed to make sales at the trade stand, make amazing offers to attract people to you and what you have say.

Using these ideas to ‘Get Your Word Out’ can seem nerve-wracking or scary if you’re not used to going to in-person events. But, you’ll have a great time, meet interesting people, and get more people interested in you and your message than you ever thought possible.