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Social Media Marketing : Are you finding enough clients on LinkedIn?

Gain new clients using LinkedIn.

Are you a visual learner? I am and so I find it a lot easier to understand concepts when I can see a diagram. I came across this infographic and decided to post it in order to help those of you, like me, who like diagrams rather than a page full of text. How to gain new clients using LinkedIn.

Let's take a look at the steps involved to gain new clients using LinkedIn.

  1. Optimize Your Profile
  2. Ask for Endorsements
  3. Share High Quality Useful Content
  4. Locate Your Ideal (Target) Prospects
  5. Initiate Contact with a Personalized Message
  6. Engage in Meaningful Conversations
  7. Build a Relationship
  8. Take the Conversation off LinkedIn

Optimize Your Profile

What does your personal profile look like? Is it like a resume? Does it say what you do now and what you did in the past? Is it ‘you' focused? I ask because the most successful profiles are ones that are ‘customer/client' focused. They focus on the customer and what they are looking for rather than on you. Ask yourself: If I was one of my target clients would I be attracted to this person and what they can offer after seeing this profile? Be critical. I know it can be hard since it probably took you a long time to write it but you are looking for business aren't you?

Ask for Endorsements

Just as important as testimonials on a website endorsements from others on LinkedIn gives you credibility when others look at your profile. It shows that you have proven to others that you have skills in certain areas. Don't be afraid to ask people you know on LinkedIn to endorse you and be willing to provide endorsements for others.

Share High Quality Useful Content

There are lots of ways now to showcase your knowledge and expertise on LinkedIn: videos, posts, status updates, articles, slides. The goal is to consistently produce high quality content of different types. Start conversations and show others how you can help them. Provide valuable information that can help your target customer.

Locate your Target Prospect

Have you ever considered who buys from you? What common characteristics do they share? Knowing your target prospect enables you to create valuable content and build connections with those more likely to buy from you. Knowing who your target prospect is: their interests, challenges, joys, hopes, goals etc. also enables you to use the LinkedIn search feature to identify and approach them.

Initiate Contact with a personalized message

Do you hate receiving canned messages on LinkedIn from others who know nothing about you but send you a message to connect with them anyway. They usually follow up these messages with a sales pitch too. It's like meeting someone socially and being told all about their business and how they can help you before they have even asked your name. How well do you respond to this? I press ignore… LinkedIn and social media in general is all about building relationships with others. People do business with others that they know, like and trust!

Engage in Meaningful Conversations

When you make the initial connection on LinkedIn take a look at their profile and see whether you have anything in common with them. What interests do they have? What hobbies do they list? What organisations do they belong to?

What do you do at a party when you meet someone? What small talk do you use? Starting a conversation on LinkedIn is similar – it's just online instead of in person.

Build a Relationship

Start building a relationship with your connection and converse with them. As I said earlier people do business with those they ‘know, like and trust'. Provide valuable tips and useful information in your conversations with them. Do you know others that you can put them in touch with? Become a great connection for them.

Take the conversation off LinkedIn

Finally don't forget that most business takes place off LinkedIn. Your goal is to take the conversation off LinkedIn. If your connection is local then why not meet them for coffee. If at a distance what about a skype call or a phone call. Get to know them as a person.

What methods do you use to gain more clients using LinkedIn?

For more tips and strategies for success on LinkedIn visit http://linkedpowerrelationships.com. I would love to find out more about you and what you are hoping to gain using LinkedIn. Do connect with me and let me know that you read my blog post.

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