Have you created your LinkedIn Page yet?

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LinkedIn page, the next generation of LinkedIn Company pages according to LinkedIn.  Rebuilt from the ground up to make it easier for all sizes of business and organization to have meaningful conversations with the 610 million members on LinkedIn. 


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Join the Conversations that Matter

For those of you who are assigned to look after the social media for your company pages give you the tools you need to foster daily interactions with your community. You can now post updates and respond to comments, on the go from the LinkedIn mobile app for iOS and Android.

You will also be able to associate your company Page with hashtags, so you can listen in and respond to conversations happening about your brand or relevant topics on LinkedIn. In addition to posting images, video and text to your LinkedIn Company Page you are also now albe to share documents such as PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents and PDFs to tell richer and more compelling brand stories.  

Know and Grow your Audience

To help with your content strategy  LinkedIn now include Content Suggestions. A new feature that looks at the topics and content trending with your target audience on LinkedIn. With these insights as a social media manager you will be able to curate and create content that your audiences are more likely to engage with.

Engage your People

A company’s  employees are their greatest asset and can be their biggest advocates. Amplifying their voices can help organizations build stronger connections with their audience.

LinkedIn have created a suite of tools to help organizations engage their people.  Public posts made by employees' on their Page and posts on LinkedIn where a company's Page is mentioned, such as a customer testimonial or  product review will be reshareable on the Company Page. This lets companies showcase conversations that people are having about them, and can help their brand stand out above the crowd.


For more on How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Increase Your Visibility on the Web go to the top right of this page and enter your email address so I know where to send it. 

 I would love to hear what you have to say about the new company pages and how they have helped your business. Do connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know. 


I am a business coach and mentor for professionals and entrepreneurs. Since 2002 I've worked with thousands of business owners and professionals helping them to get over themselves, build a business and increase their visibility on the web to get more clients and sales. I am passionate about helping others create their own success, amplify their message and create an income doing what they love.