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Graphic Design for your Business

Graphic Design for virtual assistants. If you’re looking for a creative opportunity for your VA business then offering graphic design could be a great choice.

Let’s look at what graphic designers do, the pros and cons and how to get started with this opportunity.

What is a graphic designer?

Graphic designers are basically visual storytellers. They are responsible for creating graphics for websites, advertisements, logos and a wide range of other types of media.

As well as creating images, they also specialize in fonts, print designs and colours. They are very creative and usually work from a brief for each client. As well as the actual design of the graphics, a graphic designer also has other responsibilities. These include meeting clients, creating design briefs, working with a range of media platforms and working within a team. 

What are the pros and cons?

Like any career, there are pros and cons of being a graphic designer. The pros include:

  • Great for creative types
  • No two jobs will be the same
  • Plenty of work opportunities
  • Good pay

A career in graphic design is great for creative types. It requires a lot of creativity and you can even potentially influence future products and designs with your creations.

No two graphic design jobs will ever be the same. This provides a great level of variety, ideal for those who don’t enjoy doing the same thing day in and day out. You’ll also find there are lots of opportunities out there too. Brands are constantly looking for graphic designers to help them generate memorable, attention-grabbing images.

Of course, the pay is good too. If you’re looking to make a decent income from your VA business, this is definitely one of the best opportunities if you have the right skills.

So, what about the cons of graphic design? The main disadvantages to account for include:

  • Creative constraint
  • Unstable income
  • Costs tools and software

While graphic design is a very creative role, it isn’t always your creativity you’ll be working with. You’ll need to create graphics based upon client specifications. So, at times you may need to work to strict guidelines. This can really limit your creativity.

The income can also be unstable. You’ll earn different amounts of money throughout the year depending on the projects you have at any given time.

You’ll also face the costs of tools and software. Graphic design tools can be expensive.

As Kristen says in her blog post


Graphic designers “should stay updated on the newest trends in the market. This signifies that they should invest in the latest design tools, technology, software, and devices. With the use of the popular tools, they can grab more number of potential clients by working on their projects.”

A search for ‘tools for graphic design’ online also produces a number of websites devoted to the best tools and software for graphic designers.

If you are just starting out my advice is to do the research (but not too much – set yourself a time limit) then pick one piece of software that most of your research points to, purchase it or start with a free trial and learn it inside out. It is better to know one tool or piece of software like an expert then have a basic knowledge of half a dozen.

Once you have the knowledge and skills you need, you can start offering your services within your VA business. Promote your services online targeting businesses who may need help with their graphics.

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