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Emails Have to Do at Least One of Three Things

Just like blog posts, articles, social media posts, reports and so forth, emails are content. And to get your emails open and read, every single one of them has to do one or more of the following:

Tell Stories

People will watch an entertaining 2 hour movie, but they won’t spend 30 seconds on a boring email. You don’t have to make it a major production, but you do need to tell a story that captures your audience’s interest. The love of stories is hardwired into us, and done right, no one can resist a great story.


Your subscribers have goals, interests and curiosity. If you can help them to reach their goal, to educate them on their interests or to peak and satisfy their curiosity, then you’ve got a winning email.


Everyone loves to feel inspired, and everyone needs a daily dose of inspiration to help them keep moving forward. Think of motivation and inspiration as the sparks that start the fire. Sometimes it can be as simple as letting them know that yes, they can achieve their goals and dreams.

If every email you send out does at least one of these three things, then your readers will continue to open and read your emails.

In addition Nearly Every Single Email You Send Should Have a BUY Link

Every email you send should have a link. Every. Single. One.

You’re training your readers to click, and if there’s no link, then they can’t click. And for 98% of your emails, that link should be a BUY link.

You built your list to make money.

Yes, you might have other reasons, too, but let’s be honest: Your list is your business, and you need to treat it as a business.

As long as you are ONLY promoting GREAT products, you should be 100% confident in sending out a buy link in your emails.

In the handful of emails where you put a link to something free, there should be a buy link very close by. It might be inside the freebie or on the same page as the freebie, but it’s there.

Train your subscribers from DAY ONE to click your links

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