Create a Vision

Nothing happens unless first a dream.
-Carl Sandburg…
A single fresh idea can lead to momentous results. It‘s true! A single idea that is backed by the passion just discussed is an opportunity that should not be missed. The first personal computer, Apple I, was invented in a house garage. Do you think the inventors, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, were thinking about money when they spent 6 months creating the prototype?
No, they were not according to comments they have made over the years. They were thinking about bringing computing power to homes. They envisioned a grander world where people had access to technology in their everyday lives. This was their vision! The computer was merely a product.
As most people know, Wozniak and Jobs became multi-millionaires. They had a vision, pursued a passion and the money followed. These two college dropouts are an excellent example of how a single minded focus leads to new creation. What they were thinking about and feeling good about and wanting to succeed at lead to a powerful new invention that changed the way the world computes.

Present a well-designed website that leaves no confusion in viewer minds as to the purpose of the business
 Add a personal touch to the marketing campaign to develop customers relationships rather than simply product buyers
 Give customers plenty of opportunity through feedback tools to establish 2-way communication with you
 Keep your website or marketing materials forward looking
 Always be professional and honest in your statements while expressing enthusiasm

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