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Marketing for VAs and Freelancers: Contact Local Businesses

Another way to grow your audience using offline tactics is to think locally and contact local businesses.  Often the local market is forgotten in favour of marketing to people all over the world. Attracting a local audience can be easier because you’re part of that community and people will trust you faster due to that. Let’s look at a few ways to attract locals to get your message.

Cold Calling

Don’t be afraid to get on the phone and call or even visit business owners to introduce yourself. Ask them if you they would like to know more or whether they know people who would be interested in what you have to share.

Send Flyers and Postcards

Create a flyer and postcard to send or give to people that gives enough information to pique their interest and encourage them to find out more about you.

Join the Chamber of Commerce

A very effective way to network with and get access to information about your local area businesses is to join the chamber of commerce. You can get a listing in their directory online and attend events to build your reputation locally.

Use a Service

In your local community, you may have services already that can help you find your audience. If you currently receive any mailers that are full of coupons for local businesses, you can contact them to give your offers a try.

Delivery Service Offers

Pizza deliveries and other food deliveries are common in most areas. You can offer a company to provide to them free a certain number of boxes, bags, or cups with your advertisement on them to get the word out about your product or service.

Getting Your Word Out locally is an amazing way to build trust, become a local personality, end up speaking at more events, and build your authority. That will pay off in a big way not just locally either. The fan base you build locally will have friends, family, and others that learn about you through those who aren’t local.

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