Say Goodbye to Clutter in your Office

Does your desk look like an explosion occurred? Full of everything but the kitchen sink (an expression we use here in the UK to indicate mess, mess, and more mess). If so then you have an issue with clutter. What does it matter you might say if your work space is messy. My answer: how productive are you really when your environment around you is chaos? (more…)

8 Tips to Help You Get Organized

anne elizabeth perez tips to help you get organized

In order to be successful and consistent in getting your word out it is important to be organized. Here are 8 tips to help you get organized. 

 Write it down. With everything  you have to remember on any given day it is difficult to remember it all, especially as you get older? The best thing to do is write it down. When i'm out and about I will write things done on my note app on my mobile phone but I still love to use pen and paper when possible.