Shoestring Promotions For Your Home-Based Business –

Starting a home business can be a great way to become your own boss. Nothing replaces the feeling of working at your own pace and taking all the pivotal decisions on your own. But, if you want to make money out of your business and succeed in the long run, you need to promote it too. However you may not have the funds at your disposal to engage in a fancy promotional campaign. What should you do then? Fret not, because the solution to your problem is here.

Informing the world of your business does not necessarily have to be an expensive affair. You can get the recognition you crave for, on a shoestring budget as well! In case you are rubbing your eyes in disbelief, consider the following ideas.

• Create a website for a nominal fee. Nowadays even people selling peanuts are on the web, so why not you? A website can be your window to the world!

• If you don't want to have a website, at least use the internet for promoting your business. You can post info about your area of expertise on various classified sites and business directories. Some of them charge a nominal fee but there are free ones too!

• You can also get your website listed on various search engines and e-yellow pages.

• If you are not too keen on these above-mentioned online ideas, try some offline tricks. Pick up your phone and make ‘cold calls'. For this, you obviously need a list of contacts who could be interested in doing business with you. Be polite while you are calling people and don't try to make them listen to you forcefully. Keep your opening line interesting and make your offering or USP clear.

• You can also try direct mailing because this is a more focused medium than print ads. Simply send postcards with key information related to your business to the people on your list of contacts.

• Have an interesting business card which you can give out to people you meet.

Hope these tips work for you and put your home business on the fast track to success. Go get 'em!

Online Marketing – Back to Basics

get your word out back to basics

Recently I've heard from others how confused they are about the whole process of promoting their message to others on the internet.  There is so much information out there they don't know where to start or what is important.This set me thinking let's go back to basics and help with a step by step guide to marketing online.

Where to Start

Where to start! Many people start with social media. Social Media does play an important part in promoting your message to others, assessing opinions, the support out there, and the demand for your products and services. However, social media should not be where you stay. You need your own ‘platform' online. Your own ‘piece of real estate', as I like to call it, on the internet. Third party platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Pinterest, Instagram are all owned by other people who can at any time change their minds about how they will run them. Too many people have had their accounts shut down for something they have said or done. This can have devastating affects if they have been too reliant on them to ‘get their word out'.

Build a website

Where you should start is with your own website. Your ‘piece of real estate' that you control. You can decide what to write about and include on your own website without the danger of being shut down. Once you have your own website set up you can share your content such as blog posts, videos, audios, and more with social media platforms and offline to attract others to what you have to offer. When you meet with prospective clients online and offline you have a home online where you can send them to find out more about you. A place that you can set up how you like and not a design dictated by others.

Become Visible to Others

We shall be looking at how to set up your website in a later blog post but for now let's assume it is now up and running. The next step is becoming visible to others. There are so many websites out there the question now becomes how to become visible to others. How to attract people who may be interested in what you have to offer. This is when you have to decide who you want to attract. Who is your ‘target audience' as we marketers call it. Have you ever thought about who is your ideal prospect?  It's time to take action and work this out. In order to be visible online these days you need to be clear on who you are trying to attract. Then you can write and produce content that is directed at them and promote your message to those wanting to hear what you have to say.

In an upcoming blog post I shall be looking at how to find your target audience, your ideal prospect. People who are more likely to want to hear what you have to say or buy the products and services you have to offer them. In the meantime why not think about how you want your website to look.

Until next time

Look after yourself


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