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Build Your Platform – four strategies to attract more leads and customers in your business

build your platform with anne elizabeth perezHow many marketing messages do we see each day? Figures range from 3,000 to 20,000. The higher numbers include every time you pass by a label in a grocery shop,  all the advertisements delivered through your letterbox whether you see them or not, the label on everything you wear and so on.

We’re exposed to so many messages that we probably don’t notice half of them even though we’ve seen them. The fact that you and the message are in reasonable proximity for you to see it doesn’t mean you saw it. Our brains can’t truly process that many messages. We can’t notice, absorb, or even judge the personal merit of 3,000 visual attacks a day.

Given this overload of messages how do we share ours? How do we share our information, our products, our services, our music, our books and so forth? We build a platform. A well thought out platform that gets you noticed.

Have you have read the book ‘Platform' by Michael Hyatt? Published in 2012 it is all about how to build a platform and get noticed in a noisy world. Michael sees at least three benefits from building and nurturing a platform.

Platform by Michael Hyatt

  1. A platform provides visibility. A stage from which to speak to your audience
  2. A platform provides amplification to be heard above the roar of the crowd.  “Modern media – especially social media – provide an opportunity for you to extend your reach even further”
  3. A platform provides connection. Social media makes possible “bilateral intimacy – engagement”.

How do we build such a platform?

Strategy 1

Decide on what you want. What message do you want to share? Can you describe it in detail? We have to be so clear on what we want to share with others so our message can be heard above all the other noise.

Strategy 2

 Put together your branding tools: the means by which you will connect with people. Design them to look alike. Decide on the colours, the font, the tagline, the message so all your tools work together to build your platform.

Strategy 3

 Create the content that you will share with others. How will you deliver your message to people? Which method do you prefer? Do you like to write, produce videos, create audios, or speak in person? Choose one or two methods that you feel comfortable with and create, create, create.

  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Blog
  • Landing pages
  • Speaking

Strategy 4

 Spread the word. Once you’ve decided on your message, put together your branding tools, created the content to share with others the next step is to spread the word. We do this through:

  • List building
  • Social media
  • Networking
  • Traditional media
  • Guest posting
  • Books and Reports

By employing a number of tactics consistently you will be able to spread the word.


 These strategies work. To attract more leads and customers these days you need a platform. Be clear about the message you want to share, create your branding tools, create lots of content consistently and spread the word. It does take effort but keep going and your hard work will pay off in the end. For more information  on building your platform return to the blog regularly for updates and more proven strategies that work. If you’re after more specific ideas and strategies to build your own specific platform contact me for a free 15 minute strategy session. I will help you to become clearer and more focused on what you need to do to share your message successfully with others.

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