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Marketing for VAs and Freelancers: Attracting clients to your business

In this post we are going to be looking at how to attract customers to your business. You may love your work as a (fill in the blank) but unless you become good at marketing and promoting your skills and your business you won’t have enough clients to continue.  However you feel about selling learn to be comfortable about it. You have a skill that makes your customers feel special so let the world know about it. 

First Steps

Before you decide how you are going to get clients for your business you
must understand your ‘target market’. Simply this means ‘who is more likely to
be your customer’. By knowing who is more likely to be your customer you can
save both time and money by directing your marketing at the right people.
Earlier we looked at the importance of finding the right customers; in other
words ‘your target market’.

If you haven’t done so already write down who is your customer. What type of work do you want to do? Who would make your ‘ideal client’? When you know who you want as your ideal client think about where you would find them. What do they read? Where do they shop? What websites would they visit? Where do they hang out in social media? Find out as much as possible about them. Once you know where to find your clients you can direct your marketing efforts where they will see it.

There are two main categories of marketing these days: Offline and online. Take a look at both of them then decide on which two or three ideas only that you want to start with and take massive action. Put them into practice as quickly as possible so you can see which of the initial action steps you take works best. If an idea doesn’t work for you or doesn’t work as well as you expected simply analyse how you could improve upon it or drop it and select another. Speed is important. Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over if it’s not working drop it and try something else!

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