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As you can see this is an about page where I say a little about myself. Preferring to help others succeed I don't like talking about myself but since you don't know me I'm happy to let you know a bit more.
I am a business coach and mentor for professionals and entrepreneurs.  Since 2002 I've worked with thousands of business owners and professionals helping them to get over themselves, build a business and increase their visibility on the web to get more clients and sales. I am passionate about helping others create their own success, amplify their message and create an income doing what they love. 

My education includes a BSc (Hons) degree in Geography and Economics, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I've studied for a Masters degree in Business Administration and in addition taken countless classes and workshops in Information Technology, Business and Marketing. I am what is considered a lifelong learner which excites me as I love to improve my skills, believe that you are never too old to learn and the more I know the more I can share with my clients and students. 

I have worked in a number of roles including a high school teacher, college instructor, accountant, operations manager, sales director and international make up artist and in both the United States and the UK. 

Volunteer Positions:  Trustee (IT and Marketing) for Chard Museum and Heritage Centre.  IT adviser for the WATCH project. IT advisor for St Mary's Church

Your success is my reward. If you feel that I could serve you in any way connect with me. I am here for you.

Public speaking has become a pleasure for me.  I have now spoken at various events in the UK and the USA. I hope to meet you one day ‘online’ or ‘offline’.

Anne Elizabeth Perez

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(If you are interested the picture above is of me in Northern Malawi with some of the girls in the class I was teaching at. I help sponsor the education of girls in Northern Malawi: education being a passion of mine)