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What kind of content should I create?

 When I was first introduced to the idea of creating content to promote my makeup artistry business online I was stumped: What kind of content would I be able to create? What kind of content would my ideal audience want to see? Which kind of content would be better to promote my business online? This is what I discovered: 

There are four types of content on the internet: text, graphics, audio and video. Each of these kinds of content has its own benefits and drawbacks, with each appealing most to different audiences.

Text Based Content

Text based content is the most common type of content found on the internet. Just about every webpage you see is based on text content.

One of the main advantages of text based content is that it is very search engine friendly. Search engines were designed to read text rather than videos and audios so text based content has a better chance of ranking in the search engines.

It is also easy to create text content. You don't need additional software and equipment you just need to write down your ideas and knowledge and publish it on the internet.

The main disadvantage of text based content, however, especially to a beauty business is that it doesn't appeal to the eye. Beauty is very visual and needs to be seen! Do you have a product or service that needs to be seen!

Graphic Based Content

The second type of content that can be published online is graphic based content. These include images: pictures, photos, illustrations.

A newer form of graphic based content is infographics. These are essentially graphics that wrap text information around pictures. One of the biggest benefits of infographics is that they are both informative and visual.

For example, if you're illustrating different types of makeup it's much more visually appealing to actually have graphics than just to describe it in words.


Audio content has become increasingly popular since the iPod was introduced. People can listed to audios anywhere they go; in the car, on the bus, while walking, at lunch, etc. It saves time and is extremely convenient.

Audio content works really well for many businesses. It is worth considering if your content is training or informative based rather than visual.

Have you thought about creating a weekly podcast for your business?


Video content is one of the most dynamic methods of distributing content on the internet. It is also extremely popular and it is becoming increasingly important that all businesses create videos as part of their content strategy.

A video has a much higher chance of being shared than for example an audio podcast.

The only downside to video content is that it does take more effort to produce.  With practice it gets a lot faster though!

So which of these 4 types of content resonates with you and your business? It really depends on what kind of content you're creating and who your audience is.

My latest product is text and audio based and is all about generating business by building relationships on LinkedIn. You can access it here.

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